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Copper / Brass


Copper is used as a conductive coating as well as an undercoating to improve corrosion resistance and solderability.  As an undercoating, we often supply:

image of copper products


- copper / tin
- copper / nickel
- copper / nickel /copper
- copper / electroless nickel
- copper / nickel / tin

It can also be applied in heavy thicknesses on zinc die cast parts and powdered metals.


The Waterbury Plating and Painting Company offers two varieties of brass plating.

  • Decorative brass - parts are plated with nickel followed by a thin coating of brass.  The nickel base shines through the brass resulting in a brilliant decorative coating.  Often parts are finished off with a coating of lacquer and anti-stain material.

  • Dull brass - in this case brass is applied directly to the part resulting in a matte finish.  While not as decorative as nickel/brass, it has the advantage of being less expensive.

image of brass products

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