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Passivation, Cleaning, Molykote, Bright Dip


Passivation is the removal of iron or contamination from the surface of a stainless steel part.  The contamination is a result of the fabrication process and will cause premature corrosion of the part.  We can meet your needs for both 300 and 400 series stainless steels.


Waterbury Plating and Painting Company offers a variety of cleaning to you from a gentle rolling in acqueous solutions to aggresive tumbling in acids.  We can tailor our process to meet your needs.


We apply DowCorning Molykote 557 which is a dry film lubricant which is ideal for reduced sticking and temporary wear reduction on items such as hardware, screws, etc.

Bright Dip

This is the cleaning of oxides off the surface of brass to give it a more attractive appearance.  It is often finished off with a topcoat of laquer or anti-stain chemicals.

image of passivation

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