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Powder Coat

One of the many finishes we offer is powder coating.  For those who are not familiar with this finish, we electrostatically spray a paint in a powder like consistency on the part.  The part then continues through a bake oven and the powder melts on the part forming a durable finish that can withstand 500-1000 hours of salt spray exposure.

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We supply the finish to a variety of industries including hand tools, building hardware, clothing accessories, automotive parts, etc.

In addition to commercial painting painting we also apply chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC), which are often specified for military applicaitons.

One of the market segments we participate in at Waterbury Plating and Painting Company is painting screw heads.  Each month we paint millions of screws in a variety of colors.

We can be your one stop source of painted hardware.  We can plate fasteners, paint them, and bulk pack them to your specification.

Powder Coating Line:

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