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One of the many finishes we offer at Waterbury Plating and Painting Company is RoHS compliant tin plating.

Tin is non-toxic, ductile, porous, and corrosion resistant.  Its primary application lies in electronic parts since it protects the part from oxidation and provides a good base for solderability.  We offer both bright tin and matte tin to meet your needs.

Although we can apply tin to any specified thickness, we often recommend a base coat of copper or nickel before the tin is applied.  This is particularly important with brass parts.  If brass parts are not "sealed up" with either copper or an extra thick coating of tin, the zinc in the brass will migrate to the surface of the part over time.  This will result in small black spots on the parts.  The same problem may appear on steel parts.

  image of tin products

As most of you know, lead is not permitted under RoHS guidelines.  This will limit your ability to supply tin/lead coatings.  Since Waterbury Plating and Painting Company only supplies "pure" tin coatings, we are RoHS compliant.


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