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ISO 9001-2008 Registered


Waterbury Plating and Painting Company is committed to exceeding customer expectations by continually providing superior processes, service, quality, and value pricing since 1943.

A fully equiped wet chemistry lab with atomic absorption equipment, titrations, hull cells, and wet chemistry analysis insures process controls and full environmental compliance

  • Our metalurgical lab combines functional and x-ray flourescence testing.  We can supply certifications with all relevant statistical data.
  • Computer color matching insures consistent paint colors on every order
  • Our operators are "quality responsible".  This is combined with on-line process controls and final inspection to insure that everyone is involved in producing the highest quality finish.
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Current ISO 9001-2008 Certificate
RoHS Compliance
Hydrogen Embrittlement
Zinc/Cadmium Specifications

  • Our quality approach also extends to how we treat our employees, vendors, the environment, and the community.
Water Treatment Measuring Equipment
Atomic Absorption Testing
quality measuring equipment
quality measuring equipment
Precision measurement of water treatment is conducted at all times   Sophisticated atomic absorption testing equipment is used to analyze chemistry and waste water treatment samples


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